Miami is a gilded cage in a free fall

beautiful but oppressive

exhilarating but stifling

so close to flying free but constantly being dragged down

and yet

if you stop thinking

you can fool yourself into thinking you’re in flight

its easy enough

at least until you hit the ground


daft punk is playing. we’re in the backseat 

you stop for a moment and look at me 

"this is nice"

and it is nice

just like that everything changes

just like that I wish you weren’t leaving in two weeks

just like that I need something more

something neither of us is ready to give

life stops for no one

but now we hold on

to each other 

to this moment

to this song on the radio


Fun Fact


When you hear the term “city that never sleeps”, the first place to pop into your mind is New York, right? Well, as I sit here, eating a sandwich in Brickle at nearly 5 in the morning, I can’t help but think Miami also qualifies for that title. My sleep habits in the last month or so have been a bit…irregular. Despite that, the city has been more than accommodating in finding me ways of entertaining myself in the wee hours of the morning when I should be home in bed, and with plenty of company as well. NIghtlife in Miami, it would seem, isn’t afraid of a little thing like the sun coming out.

And there is nothing like that moment when night turns to day. One minute everything’s dark and still, and then all of a sudden it just hits you, the light, and you feel like a cold wind is going through your entire body. Weird sleep patterns aside, it’s f-cking awesome watching the world wake up before your eyes. 


This just happened, and it was amazing.


This should cover it right?


Love me some Afrobeta. Their music is Miami, pure and simple.


Back in Miami


It was a lot of fun :D

Special thanks to Nik, my cousin Ryan, Danella, Noah, Travis, Nick, Duque, Mike, Steff, Schicchi, Annie, and whoever else I left out. You guys made my trip amazing and put up with me for extended periods of time. Thank You :)


"Blackbeard doesn’t want a broken home!"

-just one of the amazing lines I heard tonight at the Stepfathers improv show